Properties & Benefits

Folates are water-soluble B-vitamins which play a key role in a variety of biochemical reactions and are required for normal cell division and repair. Folates is the generic term comprising all the various chemical folate forms, including the synthetic provitamin folic acid. Green leafy vegetables in particular are rich in folate. Metafolin® has been developed to provide a stable and pure crystalline ingredient which corresponds to the naturally-occurring predominant form of folate called L-methylfolate.

Metafolin® is the body's preferred form of folate, because it is...

...the naturally-occurring predominant form of the folate vitamer 
...a readily bioavailable folate vitamer (folic acid is a provitamin and needs to be activated) 
...directly usable by the body, independent of genetic variants of folate dependent enzymes 
...directly involved in lowering homocysteine blood levels 
...the only form of folate able to cross the blood-brain barrier as demonstrated by extensive toxicological studies 

In addition, Metafolin® apparently does not mask a vitamin B12-deficiency  and presents no risk of an accumulation of unmodified folic acid in the body. 

Metafolin® is a proprietary ingredient, produced and marketed by Merck & Cie, Switzerland, only and can be used for key product categories in key markets. 

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